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Electrical projection screens (< 3 metres wide)


The electrical projection screens from Projecta are ideal when heavy demands are placed on the projection screen. The projection screens are equipped with an excellent quality projection screen fabric and a roll mechanism that guarantees a perfectly flat-hanging screen fabric under any circumstances. The integrated quiet and strong motors are supplied standard with a five year guarantee.

 VariVision Electrol
 TabScreen Electrol
 Cinema Electrol
 Elpro Electrol
 Cinelpro RF Electrol
 Elpro RF Electrol
 Cinema RF Electrol
 Cinelpro Electrol
 Compact RF Electrol
 Compact Electrol


Easy Install mounting system
The Easy Install screens are supplied standard with the flexible mounting system for optimal ease of installation such as the Elpro Electrol, Elpro RF Electrol, Cinelpro Electrol  and Cinelpro RF Electrol 

Complete range with integrated remote control
Several electrical projection screens have an integrated remote control. The Elpro RF ElectrolCinelpro RF Electrol, Compact RF Electrol and Cinema RF Electrol have an integrated radio frequency (RF) remote control. The VariVision Electrol comes standardly equipped with a pre-programmed infrared (IR) remote control.
Equipped with black case and/or border
All Projecta projection screens are equipped with a black border (and/or case) that increases the perceived clarity of the projected image.The Cinelpro Electrol, Cinelpro RF Electrol, Cinema Electrol, Cinema RF Electrol, Tabscreen Electrol and VariVision Electrol projection screens are equipped with an extra high black border to achieve the ideal viewing height.

Several pre-programmed aspect ratios
The unique VariVision Electrol is the only projection screen that can be automatically rolled out to several pre-programmed aspect ratios such as video 4:3, HDTV 16:9, cinemascope 2.35:1 as well as a fourth image setting of the user's choosing.


The flattest projection surface
The flattest projection surface may be obtained with the Tabscreen Electrol, which allows the projection screen fabric to be tightened horizontally as well as vertically thanks to special tensioned cords.



Electrical projection screens (>= 3 metres wide)
Projecta also supplies extra large image projection screens in widths up to 20 metres. The projection screen fabrics roll into the sturdy case using strong motors. The fabrics satisfy the highest standards for fire safety. The choice of a large image projection screens requires a great deal of attention and preparation.

 Elpro Large electrol
 GiantScreen electrol
 GiantKing electrol
 Master Electrol

Elpro Large Electrol
Large image projection screens with choice from two screen fabric types, available in widths from 3.5 to 5 metres.

Master Electrol
Large image projection screen with choice of two screen fabrics available in widths of 4 and 5 meters.

GiantScreen Electrol
Large screen projection screens available in widths from 4.5 to 7 metres.

GiantKing Electrol
Large image projection screens with choice from two screen fabric types, available in widths from 7 to 10 metres.



Manual projection screens


The manual projection screens are operated using a crank or spring mechanism. The manual screens are ideal for applications in rooms where an electrical connection is either not possible or undesirable. Manual screens are extremely suitable for applications in classrooms, training rooms, meeting rooms as well as at home.

 Compact Manual
 Hapro Manual
 SlimScreen XL


Easy Install mounting system
The Easy Install screens are supplied with the flexible mounting system for optimal ease of installation such as the Hapro Manual.


Practical operation
Manual projection screens with a crank mechanism are easy to operate when mounted on a (high) ceiling. An aluminum crank of 165 or 255 cm ensures practical operation. The Hapro Manual and Compact Manual projection screens are equipped with a crank mechanism


Easy operating system
Manual projection screens with a spring mechanism may be rolled and re-rolled quickly and easily. The strong spring mechanism also ensures a flat projection screen fabric. The ProScreen, ProCinema, SlimScreen, SlimCinema and FlexScreen  are operated using a spring mechanism.

Increased perceived clarity
The projection screens with a black border all around have an increased perceived clarity of the projected image. The ProCinema and SlimCinema also have an extra high black top border (and/or black case). This results in the ideal viewing height, and is perfect for use with Home Cinema, for example, or in high rooms.

Mobile projection screens

Projecta supplies an extensive series of portable projection screens that are extremely easy to set up. Projectors are becoming more and more manageable and lighter. Combining a projector with these features with a portable projection screen makes it possible to project at any desired location. Examples of this would be applications within the rental industry, during events, in the audiovisual sector, at conference centres and in education.

 Picture King®
 Heavy Duty Fast-Fold® Deluxe

Modern portable projection screens
With its extremely modern design, the portable PortaLite is the perfect solution for flexible use, and is extremely user friendly. The patented tensioning arm with pneumatic springs allows flexible height adjustment on a flat projection screen fabric.

Lightweight portable screens
Two other examples of extremely lightweight portable screens are the LiteScreen and CinemaLite. Both screens are suitable for professional use as well as use in a Home Cinema setting. The TableScreen is so compact that you can actually place this screen on a table for use.
Tripod screens
The best known portable projection screens are the tripod screens. These screens are renowned for their stability and durability during long-term, intensive use. The top range consists of the ProStar and Picture King®. Other popular tripod screens are the Professional, ProView and Mistral.

Large portable tensioned screens
Two large portable tensioned screens are the Fast-Fold® (up to 427 cm width) and the Heavy Duty Fast-Fold® Deluxe (starting from 457 cm width). Both are simple to set up and to use at any desired location. The screens are extremely suitable for use in large rooms and/or at events.



Tensioned screens

Tensioned screens are distinct thanks to their tight design. The screens are made of fixed aluminium frames as well as steel frames. The projection screen fabric may be mounted to the frame in a variety of ways. Thanks to this feature, a taut projection screen fabric is always guaranteed. The black borders ensure not only a modern look but also guarantee a beautifully framed image with rich contrast. Tensioned screens are often used at those locations where a permanent installation is desired, such as executive offices, exhibitions and Home Cinema applications.

 PermScreen Deluxe
 Homescreen Deluxe
 Multi-Mask Imager

High-quality tensioned screens
The PermScreen Deluxe is a luxury, high-quality model with a sloping black velvet frame. The black velvet lining absorbs light and prevents reflection. A second top quality tensioned screen is the PermScreen. The projection screen fabric of this screen is mounted to the aluminum frame at the back with push-buttons.
Aluminum and steel frames
The HomeScreen and CineFix are two tensioned screens which have an aluminum frame or steel frame. Both screens are easy to mount, and may be mounted to the wall thanks to the materials supplied.
Projection in large dimensions
The EyelettedScreen is available with projection screen fabrics in large dimensions, giving it a broad range of applications. Due to these dimensions, this screen is used frequently for (outdoor) events.


Built-in solutions

 Advantage Deluxe Electrol
 Integrator Electrol
 Descender Electrol
 Descender RF Electrol
 Ceiling Mounting Kit
 Ascender Electrol

Projecta makes the most of your presentation room
Appearances count! That is why, when developing its products, Projecta is very conscious of the way your presentation room looks. And this means, of course, no concessions are made to the audio-visual presentation technology, which must be of the highest possible standard. By introducing two electrical projection screens to be built into the ceiling, Projecta has once again achieved its goal in an exceptional way. Virtually invisible installation ensures that the result is highly pleasing to the eye. Special features and high-grade options will surprise even the most pampered consumer.

Integrator Electrol and Descender Electrol
In common with the Advantage Deluxe Electrol, the new Integrator Electrol and Descender Electrol screens deliver outstanding image reproduction quality. There is nothing to give their presence away as they are installed fully flush with the ceiling with a hermetically sealed feed-through aperture. To achieve this, the Integrator Electrol is equipped with a unique motorized mechanism which allows the closure panel to fold noiselessly upwards into the ceiling. In the Descender Electrol model, the screen’s lower bar serves to close the casing aperture.

The range of built-in projection screens also offers a large number of possibilities in terms of operation and application, made possible by the many different options for integration with a complete AV system. The Easy Service system ensures that both the motor and screen fabric remain accessible after installation. In order to meet the very highest demands, the Integrator Electrol and the Descender Electrol can be custom-made to size with a selection of various high-quality screen fabrics, including the unique Matte White M. The structure of this particular projection screen fabric ensures that it can only be rolled up in one direction, guaranteeing that the surface is very flat when hanging.

By way of completion of the range, the existing Ceiling Mounting Kit for the Cinelpro Electrol and Elpro Electrol (1:1) projection screens is available. This mounting kit also allows for an inconspicuous and pleasing finish when mounting projection screens in modular ceilings.


Projection tables


Due to the diversity of projectors and application possiblities, Projecta supplies an extensive range of projector tables. From compact, portable projector tables for use on location to sturdy tables for stationary use. There is always a suitable solution geared to your projector and tailored to your needs.

 StandMaster I
 StandMaster II
 Solo 8000
 Solo 9000

The StandMaster I and StandMaster II are high-quality, portable stands. Both are very suitable for professional presentations at any desired location, and are also capable of supporting larger projectors
The stable Gigant and TeleMaster have two shelves. The uppermost shelf is inclinable to any required position. The stands can be folded up easily and become compact enough that you can take them anywhere.
Functionality is extremely important with projector stands. The Solo 8000 and Solo 9000 stand out thanks to their simplicity and functionality. Both stands have one shelf and are suitable for all of the popular projectors.
Overhead projector stands
All of the Projecta overhead projector stands have several functional features; shelves which are height adjustable and the optimal mobility thanks to 4 wheels, such as the Universo, Classico, Esclusivo and Stabilo. The Creativo and Solo are simple and continuously height adjustable.


Presentation furniture


 ClassicLine 95/125
 ClassicLine MMT
 ClassicLine DVT
 Plasma Wallbracket

The SecurLine and FlexLine are cabinets that may be put to use immediately and may be placed anywhere, and offer safe storage for all your presentation equipment. The cabinets contain several compartments which may be individually locked.
Projecta offers a broad range of presentation trolleys. The HiLine, ProLine, ClassicLine 95/125, ClassicLine MMT and ClassicLine DVT ensure optimal, portable use of your DVD/video equipment. The trolleys have several (flexible) side shelves. The frames are durable and the maneuverability is extremely high thanks to four casters.
The ClassicStand enjoys enormous popularity in the professional market. For Home Cinema use, the Plasma Wallbracket is a particularly practical hanging tool. The stands are beautifully designed and are equipped with a universal mounting plate. The mounting plate may be used to mount nearly all of the more popular plasma screens available on the market.





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